St Wilfrid's Community Hall

SW Hall Refurbishment (autumn 2014)

An open afternoon was held on Saturday, November 15 following completion of a £30,000 renovation scheme at St Wilfrid’s Hall. 
The renovations at the hall will provide improved facilities for the church and the Gilstead and wider community. 
Hall users and others have been invited to the open afternoon – from 2pm - to have a look at what has been done at the hall since the end of July.
St Wilfrid’s Church received a grant of almost £27,000 from Wren (Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd) to enable the work to go ahead, the remainder of the cost being funded by the church. 
The renovation on the hall, originally a World One Nissan Hut, includes a new kitchen, insulation of walls and ceiling – by means of a false ceiling – lighting, doors, windows, signage and blinds.

Parish treasurer Ken Duckworth said: “I think we should emphasise that this will be a significant improvement not only for users of the hall, but also as an energy saving exercise because we had a huge problem in the past with loss of heat.”

The church hall is the only community building in the village and is used extensively by local organisations, including Gilstead Village Society, table tennis teams, a mother and toddlers group, Pilates class, boxercise class, craft class, Gilstead Ladies group, a local big band and also as a polling station.
Penny Beaumont, grant manager for Wren, said: “The £26,984 funding for the Gilstead St Wilfrid community hall, which has been awarded by Wren, will create a real hub for the local community to come together.  “FCC, the donor organisation, is all about helping people to improve their communities in a sustainable way and this facility is a great example. “We hope many people in Bingley and Gilstead will enjoy it for years to come.” 
The work was done by local contractors, including Eldwick Joinery, C F Jones decorators and M T Electrical and we thank members of the parish, especially Alan Glave, Ken Duckworth, Avis Jones and others, who organised and directed the work, cleared the hall in preparation for the work to start and then out everything back together again.
David Markham
St Wilfrid's Hall new sound system (autumn 2014)
The hall now also has a new sound system, which was installed just in time for the 15th November grand opening as a separate project to the main refurbishment.  This 4 speaker system has 2 handheld radio microphones, and a media player capable of playing  CD/MP3 and even DVD files from disc, plus media files from a USB memory stick device, with track information display. External input leads are also provided for 3.5mm stereo jack and stereo phono, for those wishing to bring and use an external sound source, where there is additional room to accomodate this in the operator's console.
The system has a separate mixer with 2 mono (1 in use) and 2 stereo channels (1 in use) driving a separate stereo power amplifier which can deliver 2 x 120 watts into 4 speakers or (by switch selection) 2 x 75 watts into just the front speakers, this latter option being seen to be useful for a stage based performance, the 4 speaker option being particularly useful if a low level of sound reinforcement is required all over the hall, or for that matter for discos.
Readers may note that the above description means that the system can also do "Karaoke" since the sound from the media player (or other external audio source) can be mixed with that from the 2 mono microphones (this can be positioned from left to right across the sound stage).
For the hard of hearing this system also includes a generously specified induction loop system. (The amplifier was bought second hand).
To play standard definition DVD's to an audience, an additional standard definition composite video monitor and lead would be required. This has not been included, but the sound is already channelled to this new audio system.
The custodians of this system are your normal church officials - for further technical information or operational advice please contact your webmaster - DB

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